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MODIFIER is Sean Kerwin and Chris Shelswell, two musicians living on opposite sides of the earth, creating electronic music between the UK and New Zealand.  Both electronic music obsessives, on a spectrum of thumping techno to blissful electronica. Equally inspired by underground club culture and filmic soundscapes, Modifier seek to create music that is beautifully electronic and intricately melodic.

The duo met at University and soon after began writing together and DJing in a brick warehouse called The Soundhaus. The guys toilet was a portaloo next door, the roof hung low with ex military parachutes, the sound system was formidable.  Every weekend was an extensive party ending in a disused industrial unit under a railway bridge. This is the underground, roaming an abandoned city at dawn, mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved.

Arriving at a packed tenement flat in the early hours, stark techno gradually morphs as faces gouge. Someone flips on Selected Ambient Works as conversations skip like a record. This is where Modifier begins. Post-club electronica – an introspective soundscape inspired by late nights and long mornings.

Nothing lasts forever, and nothing ever should.  The best moments are fleeting.  You begin to notice the clapped out hippy in the corner, eye twitching, foot tapping out of time.  Only the techno crustys and those too wrecked to call a taxi remain.

Looking for something different, Chris headed to New Zealand, as far away as you can get from the UK.  The world is a smaller place than it used to be, and after a hiatus ideas began shuttling back and forth.

This culminated in remixes for Traum Schallplatten, a series of releases on Voco Records and some great feedback from the International DJ scene including two tracks on Dave Seaman’s Renaissance Masters.

Inspired and on opposite sides of the globe, we set about making a new body of work; slowly realising finishing it would mean work together in the same room, hammering out the details. Sean headed for NZ via India and South East Asia.

Working together in a darkened basement, we emerged blinking in the sunlight having turned our sorry songs into Harlots & Fire-Eaters.


“Gorgeous melodies, textured layers and underpinned by a solid bass, this is a dance floor moment” – Martyn Henderson, MIXMAG

“Not sure how on earth I’m gonna fit it into my set but I’m gonna have a damn good try!” – Fatboy Slim

“Liking it… twisted but uplifting” – Sasha

“Modifier does such a lovely job” – Sasha Le Monnier// Contagious Rhythm / Proton Radio

“Big stuff” – Hernan Cattaneo

“I feel like a broken record, but Modifier = WIN for me” – Wez Saunders // Endemic

“Great electronica, loving the emotion and energy.” – Grant Paterson // Edinburgh Evening News

“Nice grooves!” – Rob H // Cream

“This is absolutely brilliant…” – Jonathan Cowan // Pacha Ibiza

“Devious production that creeps into your head and hooks.” – Guy Garrett // DMC

“Outstanding. Huge. Deep, straight forward, simple and with a “wow effect”!” – Oliver Schories // Hamburg

“Very Cool, love the basslines” – Kenneth Thomas // Perfecto

“Wicked” – Eelke Kleijn // Rotterdam

“Very good stuff here.” – Marcelo Vasami // Buenos Aires

“Really love this. Top!” – Solee // Germany

“Great vibe, dark and deep…. Beautiful vocals.” – Andrea Lombardo // Full Flava