Modifer — Eko
Release date : Mar. 18, 2016
Label : Hot Gem

New single Eko out 18th March on Hot Gem.

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Modifier — Haptic EP
Release date : Aug. 12, 2014
Label : High Sheen

Haptic EP is the first release from Modifier on High Sheen Records. The downbeat, glacial pop record sits comfortably between the likes of Apparat and Boards of Canada and is the first in a series of releases for High Sheen.

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Karin Park — Fryngies (Modifier Vocal Remix)
Release date : Mar. 04, 2012
Label : State of the Eye

"Crunching guitar-like chords, a Blackstrobe-esque lead and firing hi-hats are the chosen course on this urgent, punk-fuelled electro remix of Karin Park, courtesy of the hotly tipped duo Modifier."

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Modifier — Clockwork
Release date : Aug. 06, 12
Label : Voco Records

The internal workings of the clock on the wall at your office as you sit with the midweek blues watching your life tick tick away. Or maybe just a nice bit of techno that's popular in Argentinean night clubs.

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For Flying Insects

My Devices — For Flying Insects
Release date : Feb. 03, 2012
Label : Voco Records

From disused railway tunnels to glow worm caves. This one's for the insects living underground. It also features on Dave Seaman’s Renaissance Masters compilation cd.

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To Dust

Visitor 7 — To Dust // Modifier Remix
Release date : Aug. 08, 2011
Label : Sounds Of Juan | Endemic Digital

At the end of time, all that will remain is deep and moody techno. I've been waiting so long.

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Shady Lane

Modifier — Shady Lane
Release date : Jul. 04, 2011
Label : Voco Records

Shady Lane is a rasping electronic groove with euphoric and melancholic melody but twisted and glitchy yet dance floor friendly. Big support from Sasha, Richie Hawtin, Dave Seaman, Hernan Cattaneo, and many more.

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Modifier — Myotis
Release date : Feb. 01, 2011
Label : Voco Records

Myotis debuted on Voco Records in 2011, making waves with big support from a plethora of names including Ben Code, Wez Saunders and Nick Warren.

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Acid Trax

Stupid Computer — Acid Trax // Modifier Remix
Release date : Sept. 03, 2010
Label : Voco Records

Let's take it back to the old school... then somewhere completely different.

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Drop Drinking

Helge Kuhl — Drop Drinking // Modifier Remix
Release date : 20. 01, 2010
Label : Paintwork | Traum Schallplatten
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